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Why This Domain?

Training is as effective as the quality assured before, during, and after each session. This domain briefly reiterates the importance of performing systematic assessments to improve and refine the overall training programme for both trainer and participant.

What Should You Expect After Domain Completion?

You’ll have a few simple ways to help boost quality of training sessions and identify areas for improvement.

The Benefit?

You can deliver training sessions that resonate better with the needs and expectations of trainers and participants alike, optimise approaches, and promote better outcomes in the short and long term.

Two Considerations to Help Achieve Quality Training Sessions

  • Undertake activities regularly before and after each training session to ensure and develop training quality. These activities can range from meetings and/or workshops with the clinic/people involved to assess different aspects of the session at hand.
  • Leverage the insights and responsibilities of these individuals to improve and further training sessions. Those responsible for the training regularly and systematically ascertain participants’ assessment of the training and adjust it accordingly. Training providers use the knowledge gained through research and evaluations of quality assurance and development to conceive and/or refine activities and outcomes.

On-the-Job Training

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