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Empowering the health & care
professionals of tomorrow

In the Digital & Innovation Skills Helix (DISH) project, our 3-in-1 approach to maximise
digital skill competency, innovation readiness, and implementation and change
management skills will enable health & care professionals to adopt eHealth solutions
and promise higher-quality patient experiences.


Discover why health & care providers and
professionals choose DISH for their institutions.

Foster sustainable
health practices and

Fine-tune learning


Align cost-effective
solutions to real-world

Boost quality
improvement in the
health & care sector

Discover DISH:
The 3-in-1 approach helping
exploit eHealth solutions 100%


Because a return on investment doesn’t always mean money.

Whilst applying DISH will save costs in implementation and more, there’s an even greater value at hand: better, more qualified health & care professionals.

The planning and process tools pave the way to deliver skills and knowledge for efficient and effective digital solution uptake in real-world settings.

Change begins now.

The health & care sector is transforming quickly — shifting demographics and a
widespread digital overhaul. But, with DISH, you can be one step ahead.

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