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Why This Domain?

Detailing the objectives and outcomes of on-the-job training will offer accountability and let you assess whether significant gains were achieved in knowledge, skills and competencies. It will also shed light on areas to refine, change or improve to increase the likelihood of all outcomes being accomplished.

What Should You Expect After Domain Completion?

You´ll be able to use the templates provided to develop the skills training with learning aims, content and suggestions for teaching methods and materials. You’ll also be able to go more granular and conceive learning objectives for each learner whilst preparing for assessment and related results.

The Benefit?

It becomes all-the-more feasible to reach the overall learning objective, which is to to ensure health & care professionals of different levels can use and apply the technology safely, ethically, efficiently and correctly.

Please Familiarise Yourself With Key Definitions Before Using The Templates

  • That the participant acquires knowledge about the digital solution, hereby acquiring knowledge about the purpose and possibilities of using the technology in their own ward, and maybe even across wards/sectors.
  • That the participant acquires skills in the use of the digital solutions regarding the concrete tasks and communication.
  • That participants are able to combine knowledge and skills regarding the use of the digital solution in concrete work situations.
  • From Training elements with emphasis on usage, such as technical and manual skills, practical data and information to…
  • Training to be able to use the technology in relation to professionalism and ethics, as well as training in understanding the applied technologies to…
  • Training to be able to participate in digital communication, as well as training the skill of teaching others, e.g., colleagues, patients and citizens to use digital tools to…
  • Overall training, which gives staff the possibility to take part in the development/implementation of new digital technologies, as well as be able to organise the use of digital tools and see the organisational changes, which a new technology could bring forth to the workplace

Please Click on The Icon Above To Obtain Templates/Materials and Complete The Planning

  • This template will help you to develop the skills training with a focus on learning aims, training content, and suggestions for teaching methods and materials. In the download, you will also find an example of a completed template for additional guidance.
  • This template is based on the European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET). However, we’ve adapted it for DISH to accommodate the specific situation of competencies and skills development of health & care professionals. Using this for each learner will help you to structure and visualise the learning objectives, as well as plan the assessment and present related results.

This reference document will help you to describe the levels of qualification that health & care professionals should reach as part of the on-the-job training.

On-the-Job Training

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