Last week in Bergen, DISH partners have met for the 2nd Consortium Meeting. The aim of the meeting was to present the status of the project and to the discuss about the next steps.

They have been two fruitful days for the future of the digital innovation skills in health and social care and for better shaping the DISH project ambitions.

20190606_Official pic_2nd CM


During the meeting, the project partners have concentrated their collective effort to more cocretly define the DISH key expected outcomes and the three main concepts (job on training, Learning Innovation Unit, assessment and acknowledgement of skills) that represent the project’s building blocks. Co-creation working groups have been also dedicated to the definition of attractive messages to be used to properly raise awareness on the gap DISH is aiming at bridging, namely the “missing link” between the progressive digitalisation of the healthcare sector and the lack of healthcare providers’ necessary skills to fully benefit from the use of innovative ICT products and solutions.

During the their stay in Bergen at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences the partners had the opportunity to visit the SIMARENA, a modern and well-equipped simulation center with 25 test laboratories used for skill training, guidance, reflection, simulation and research.

During the tour the partners saw how nursing students are trained to manage challenges they face in working life and secure the best possible care for patients using technological tools to re-create real life situation through simulations and meaningful scenarios setting.

In the following weeks the DISH website will be launched. In the meantime you can follow the project on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for updates.


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